Bachelors degree in Rhetoric & Communications
Law Degree
Construction and Business Attorney
Stay-at-Home Mom
Risk Manager
Health & Wellness Coach
Co-Owner of Story Builders
No, my “professional” journey has not been linear or predicatable. Over the years I have stopped and revaluated my life, my gifts, my skills and my passions and have moved in new directions as I felt led.
Today I work full time with my husband to support our construction company where we “get to” come beside couples and families and help them design and build spaces and homes best-suited for their families. We love to build relationships as much as we love to build homes.
I also “get to” continue my nearly 5-year journey as a health and wellness coach. I was just sitting here writing a letter to a new client and realized it might make sense to share this story with all of you who may wonder about my crazy Facebook feed – from sharing pictures of our boys, to new home projects to crazy fitness posts and encouraging words.
“What is it that she does anyway??”
In the spring of 2015, I had just experienced some medical issues and as marathon runner I found my pre-dawn runs were becoming more challenging due to the cold. So I reached out to a friend who had just started her own wellness journey. I have never been a gym girl so I was looking for help to find a good program I could do at home. I bought a single workout program on DVD and a bag of a superfood shake that came with it. Although I told my friend I wasn’t a “shake girl,” I had seen the ads for this shake and my husband Derek and I were both curious about it. Derek had tried every “protein shake” out there and wanted to compare. I was pretty certain we’d cancel at the end of the month.
Something happened over the next few weeks. I found that I really enjoyed the effective 30-minute workouts and I was surprised what a good workout I could actually get from home. But the fitness piece had always been the easy part for me. What I didn’t realize in signing up was that my nutrition would also be forever changed. I was a Jenny Craig girl. I had gained weight and lost weight often in my life – first year of college, first year of grad school, first year of marriage. You see the pattern. Although I had an idea what to eat, I always struggled with controlling my portions and I’d return time and time again to Jenny Craig to find my discipline again. This new nutrition program I received gave me the tools I needed to understand my portions. No calorie counting or weighing my food, just learning to visualize my portions and how much of each food group I was to eat each day. It made the process easy, and I was eating real food not frozen, packaged meals. I also learned a lot about meal planning and meal prepping. The other BIG surprise was that this shake cynic became a believer. I noticed a difference very quickly. It wasn’t just another “protein shake.” It filled me up, it held me over for a few hours (which had never been my experience prior), and all of the superfood nutrients were doing great things for my hair, my nails, my gut health and just my overall wellness.
After that first program, I bought my next program (back then it was one DVD at a time – today you get EVERYTHING at once, streaming On Demand) and I loved it so much and had such great results that I was excited to share what I was doing with others. It has always been my heart to encourage others and I discovered that doing so in the area of health and fitness filled me with joy. As others embraced healthier habits and experienced their own transformations, my passion to impact more lives through coaching grew.
That was five years ago and over the years I have worked with hundreds of women (and men too!) to establish healthier lifestyle habits. Since then I have also come to be surrounded by a group of women dedicated to this vision of seeing lives transformed and together we have grown our coaching team and we recognize that together, through our monthly online accountability groups, we can see even more lives impacted.
So that’s my coaching story, in a nutshell. I am passionate about the idea that health is 3-fold – mind, body and spirit. We need to be well in all these areas to really experience good health. And when we are living healthier lives we can better explore our gifts, our calling and find joy in living full lives.
If I can support you in any area of your wellness journey, I’d love to hear from you.