I spent some time in the word this morning, praising God for what he has done in our lives. Specifically today, how he healed us from a very deep hurt and used it just yesterday to help others…

As our boys are completing college applications and contemplating next steps, we’ve been talking a lot about gifts and talents and purpose. And it’s something you hear me talk about often here as well. I want you to know, and deeply understand, that it is not by chance that you have certain gifts. They are intended to be used by you to serve others – along with your stories, your circumstances, your hurts, and your heartaches. When we turn them all over to him and then pursue our passions and the things we were called to do, God will connect them all in a way to bring healing, restoration and joy.

Earlier this year I had the revelation that this is the 20th year that Derek and I have been serving the Lord. It was almost 20 years ago that we lost our precious baby girl. We were just shy of 20 weeks pregnant. In the throes of infertility for nearly two years by that time, we were devastated. But the Lord met us in that place and we knew that we knew that surrender was our only option. We were not in control. We didn’t have it all together and we just knew God was drawing us near. Nineteen days after her death we responded to an altar call at church (where we “just happened” to start attending a few months before because we thought “we should get back to church.”). “With all heads bowed and all eyes closed” together we slipped our clasped hands into the air and accepted Jesus into our hearts.

Oh what a journey it has been.

Fast forward, to this year. I’ve sensed God doing a work in me all year. Wanting me to go deeper with him. To study and learn and to my equip myself for wherever we were going together. I joined the John Maxwell Team to expand my health and fitness coaching to include personal growth, leadership and an emphasis on total wellness (including mindset and spiritual growth). I was then asked to be part of our church’s biblical coaching team where we have also been undergoing training for several months. I just keep following where God leads, not quite sure where we are headed but completely trusting after almost two decades of building our relationship.

So let me connect the dots. Yesterday I had my first official biblical coaching session. I knew it was not by accident that God was using me to meet with this young couple. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to rain down on our time together and to give me the wisdom and the words (or no words at all, however he directed) to help. You see, this young couple recently lost their baby, at 20 weeks pregnant. They are broken and hurting and questioning and all the things we do – and God knows and expects and meets us there if we are willing.

Yesterday God used our story, our loss, our heartache to build a bond and offer support to someone who needs God deeply right now. And always. God gave me words, and verses and recollections. And I desperately hope that for a moment they knew that someone understood. Our grief is all different. Our stories are different. But in this case, I saw Derek and I in this couple and I could see God’s hand comforting them in their pain.

As I drove away from the church, I began to reflect on our journey. On our 20 year walk that began with such a deep hurt. And I cried. God is so good. He is so faithful. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He doesn’t cause our hurt but he will use our hurt for good if we trust and allow him to.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Rom. 8:28

Love God. Love others.