Total Wellness

Living a F.I.T. Life –
Online Seminar

Do you live a life full of joy? Are you walking in all the fullness of life that is available to you? Are you taking steps daily to pursue and maintain your health and wellness?

Join me for a 2-week online seminar into what a truly healthy life can look like. We’ll talk about Mindset, Movement, Nutrition, Spiritual Growth, and Personal Development. 

Being healthy is not about a number on the scale. It’s about being well – mind, body and spirit. 

This is an informational group. I will provide daily content through a closed Facebook Group, including articles, videos, interviews, meal plans, recipes, sample workouts. We’ll have a live Q&A once a week via Zoom. You will check in at your convenience and walk away with real tools in each of these areas, including a personal growth book that will help you live your life in a way that you can explore and reach your full potential.

The cost is $75. Below is the application to join me:

F.I.T. Lifestyle Application

In a world that can feel out of control, it is important to be committed to living intentionally and authentically and growing every day. Personal growth takes strength, tools, support and prayer to stay focused and moving forward. A commitment to movement and nutrition contribute to our overall sense of well-being.

I joined Erin’s “Living a F.I.T. Life” online wellness seminar and now I find myself talking about it ALL THE TIME.  The Facebook-based seminar was filled with information on fitness and nutrition, but most importantly, spirituality!  The content was shared in different formats, including articles, videos, guest speakers and zoom calls.  It was interesting, informative and incredibly uplifting!  I was hoping to get and stay motivated to lose the “covid” pounds that I put on recently.  Not only did the seminar inspire me physically, but it truly touched my heart and made me feel closer to God then I have in so long.  I continue to see how her program has touched on other aspects of my life, including my children, who are struggling right now, and my work life.  I was asked to speak for my company today on 2021 goals and found myself quoting John Maxwell and Erin Kvistad!

Erin, you are incredibly talented and I am forever grateful to you for reminding me that I am not alone in my journey.  You brought me closer to God and filled my heart with hope.  Thank you! – Kristin

Contact Erin at [email protected] to talk about upcoming sessions.