Hi! I’m Erin Kvistad.

Our lives and our journeys aren’t always linear. Sometimes we think we are heading to a particular destination only to come to a fork in the road and head off in a different direction. Such has been my life. Wife, mother, athlete, lawyer, coach, friend, writer, construction company co-owner – these are some of the hats I have worn in my life. 

Today I continue to wear many hats, daily:

  • Transformational Coach (fitness, nutrition, personal & spiritual growth and development, leadership);
  • Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team;
  • Co-owner/Principal of Story Builders, a custom home-building business with my husband;
  • Biblical Coach through my church;
  • Writer – through my personal blog I dabble in pursuing my dream of writing a book.

 Each of the roles I have had in my life, and the time spent pursuing them, have shaped the woman I am today.

About My Family

I have been married to my husband Derek since 1996. We met in high school and essentially “grew up” together. We have three boys, including twins, David and Daniel, and John, our youngest. Like us, our boys have grown up playing sports. Currently we are a football, rugby, weight lifting and track family. In some seasons this means practices every night of the week and games all weekend. Derek has coached at least one of the boys’ teams every season since the beginning. So, like many families, we are crazy busy with sports, but it’s what we love to do. I love to watch my boys in action and I appreciate the commitment my husband makes to his teams as he coaches, encourages and pours into the young men’s lives, including our own young men.

 Born and raised in the same hometown in Northern California, we began raising our family there as well. In 2017, our search for a new school for our three boys took us on the greatest adventure of our lives as we left everything we knew and the comfort of home to pursue the calling we felt on the life of our family – in the great State of Texas. Texas warmly welcomed us and fanned the flames of our entrepreneurial spirit. Raised community-minded, it didn’t take us long to plug into our new hometown and we are very active in our church, our boys’ school community, Rotary, several professional associations and several sports organizations. 

 It is my passion and daily desire to use my gifts and talents to serve others. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to do that personally and professionally.

Helping Others Live A F.I.T. Life

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