Erin’s Public Speaking

I have loved to speak in public since I was a kid. Maybe it’s just that I like to talk.

Speaking Engagement

Public speaking is a gift I have been given, and when I combine it with the purpose of sharing about health and wellness and spiritual growth it makes me come alive. To see the a-ha moment a woman has when she realizes she’s valuable or when she gleans a nugget that she knows she can take away and apply to her life right away; that’s where I find joy. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to serve others by sharing my knowledge, my passion and my heart about all things related to total wellness.

I speak to various audiences including women’s events, fitness venues, church meetings, schools, and professional organizations.  I will bring a deep understanding of what it means to be Faithful. Inspired. Transformed.

To book Erin to speak to your group, please contact her at [email protected].