Health Coaching Through Beachbody

You may think you know what Beachbody is all about — “It’s that company that sells exercise programs and supplements, like P90X and 21 Day Fix, and Shakeology, right?”

Technically, yes — but there’s so much more to it.

What is Beachbody?

Beachbody was formed in 1998 with one mission that still guides the company today: To help people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives.

With a comprehensive approach that combines fitness, nutrition, and support, they created a complete solution for people who want to transform their lives, physically and mentally. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or just learn more about nutrition and exercise, Beachbody has programs, products, and content to help you accomplish those goals.

Beachbody on Demand (BOD)

Everything in the Beachbody ecosystem works together in a strategic, cohesive way. It’s not just a random assortment of programs and products. Each piece has a place in your fitness and health journey, no matter where you’re at, with Beachbody On Demand (BOD) as the foundation. BOD is Beachbody’s streaming platform that’s home to 700+ workouts, with programs like 21 Day Fix, Morning Meltdown 100, LIIFT4, Barre Blend and 80 Day Obsession. It’s also where you will find our life-changing nutrition programs and exclusive content like Fixate, a cooking show that demonstrates how to make healthy meals as well as the Beachbody blog which has articles on tons of topics related to fitness and nutrition.


Once you join BOD, you can pick a program by fitness level or type of exercise, then stream it right from your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or TV. All you need is an Internet connection and you can take all the great content wherever you go. Going to be without Wi-Fi? You can upload up to 7 workouts to your device and play them back later. 

It’s important to know that Beachbody has programs for every level of fitness – whether you are starting fitness for the very first time or you’re an athlete looking to step up your game. From barre, to hip hop or country dance, from weight lifting to boxing, MMA to pure sweaty cardio, trust me when I say there is something for everyone of every ability. And even within each program there is always a modifier to make every program accessible to all levels. 

I have been doing Beachbody almost exclusively since 2015. I have done most of the programs and I am familiar with all of them. I would love to work with you to pick the best jumping off point for your personal fitness journey. As your Coach I am available for guidance and one-on-one support and my team and our online community is a place where you can ask, answer, share, and connect with like-minded people.


Even though I am a fitness girl and really enjoy working out, I have come to learn from my own experience and training through certification in our two comprehensive lifestyle nutrition programs that what you eat is truly the most important part of the health equation. The old adage is true (and I can certainly speak to it from experience), you cannot out exercise poor nutrition.

2B Mindset

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Ilana Muhlstein co-created the 2B Mindset to help people win the weight-loss battle for good. This nutrition program can help you lose weight — happily — without feeling deprived or hungry, without exercising, without counting calories, or cutting out whole food groups.

The 2B Mindset addresses the number one issue with weight loss and weight management — food. Although exercise is critical for living a healthy, functional life, our relationship with food is the key to our healthy lifestyle and that’s the problem the 2B Mindset solves.

Portion Fix

Autumn Calabrese’s original Portion Fix eating plan gave you the basic tools to master portion control (you’ve seen the little colored containers?). Now the newly revised Portion Fix expands on the foundation set by the original and takes it to the next level with more nutrition information, more support, and more options. Autumn has refined and clarified her portion-control approach to teach you and your family — including your kids! — how to eat delicious, healthy portions for good.

2B Mindset and Portion Fix are each stand-alone nutrition programs, taught through a comprehensive series of videos that will get you learning and implementing the nutrition program you choose in a short amount of time.


You’d have to eat a whole lot of different foods to get the phytonutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, pre- and probiotics, fiber, adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals in a single glass of Shakeology.

Shakeology works to benefit your overall health, helping to support healthy energy and support digestive health. This powerful superfood nutrition shake can also help start to clean up your diet by curbing junk food cravings and satisfying hunger. When combined with other healthy foods like fruits, nuts, seeds, nut butters, avocados, or various milks, Shakeology can be the foundation of an excellent balanced meal. 

I can give you all the science, tell you there’s nothing artificial, it’s one of the best superfood products on the market, etc., but the most important thing I can say about Shakeology is TRY IT FOR YOURSELF. When I first signed up for Beachbody I received a bag of Shakeology with my Challenge Pack (see below for more info). I was a skeptic and not a shake drinker. I had every intention of canceling after the first month, and then something happened. After only a week or so I noticed I had more energy, my sugar cravings had decreased and I was full and satisfied after breakfast. My husband and I still drink Shakeology every day. It’s the foundation of our healthy lifestyle. *Do know there is NO obligation ever to continue with Shakeology for any certain amount of time. 

In addition to the core components of fitness and nutrition brought to you by BOD and Shakeology which can be a foundation to a healthy lifestyle, we also have state of the art performance line products, healthy snack options for all the family, a pure collagen product, plus other tools to support you and your family’s health journey.

So How Do I Start?

Beachbody knows that when you combine fitness, nutrition, and support you dramatically improve your odds of success. That’s why they created a Challenge Pack bundle (an “All-In-One Solution”) custom-designed to support your health and fitness journey so you can see results even faster.

Generally, the Challenge Packs combine:

  • Fitness: 1-year all access to Beachbody on Demand and all of its fitness programs (see above)
  • Nutrition: 1-year access to 2B Mindset AND Portion Fix plus a daily logbook to support 2B and portion control containers to support UPF
  • 1 month of Shakeology, a nutrient-dense superfood protein shake OR Beachbody Performance, a line of premium supplements.
  • Early access to the latest fitness program (*depending on the timing of the release of new programs)
  • Accountability every step of the way through personal coaching (I will be here to support you along the way!) and access to my monthly online accountability group where we check in daily through an app. It’s a fact that people who have strong support systems are more likely to succeed at their fitness and nutrition programs

New Clients

That’s a lot of information! Now let’s talk! 

  1. The first thing I’d love for you to do is complete my New Client Application so I can better understand your needs and help tailor a custom solution to best solve your challenges.
  2. Then reach out to me at [email protected] to set up a time for us talk and get to work!

I look forward to helping you get started on a journey to a healthier way of life!

My Fitness / Beachbody Journey

From Client to Coach

Throughout my life I’ve been an athlete. I played soccer and started figure skating at the age of five. I skated competitively over the next eight years. My years skating taught me about discipline, training, strength, and courage. Although I didn’t have a professional career in my future, the life lessons I learned being a young athlete set me up well for the challenges I faced as I grew up. After skating I played tennis, softball, and I was a cheerleader throughout high school. I loved being around sports and athletes. It gave me great leadership opportunities and I learned to take risks and put myself out there.

I became a runner in high school as well. But I always ran for me – for fitness, for weight loss. I continued to run in college and used running as a tool to mentally as much as physically get me through law school. It wasn’t until after the birth of my twins that I really considered “training” to run anything, other than the occasional 5K or 10K with friends. Months after my boys were born I talked with friends who were training for a marathon. That conversation rekindled a spark in my running spirit. I took off with my jogger stroller and took on the challenge. I ran my first marathon in 2004, two weeks shy of my boys’ first birthday. Quite a milestone following years of infertility, pregnancy loss, and a high risk twin pregnancy. And despite the extreme mental challenge and the plantar faciitis I fought along the way, I was hooked! Since then I have run eight more marathons including my first ultra-marathon, a 50K, to celebrate my 40th birthday and not too long ago, the Dallas Marathon to celebrate my 50th.

Although I slogged countless miles alone over the years, I also joined forces with some amazing women in my hometown and helped formed Chasing Sanity, a women’s running group comprised of moms like me – with houses full of young children (I subsequently had my third son), working husbands, part-time jobs and limited amounts of time to run. We racked up most of our miles in the pre-dawn hours while the world slept. It prepared us for our long days ahead, and kept us sane. Fitness with friends does that.

I love my running group and assumed I would always be a pure runner. I disliked the gym and pretty much most other forms of exercise. But injuries have a way of interrupting our human-made plans. I was sidelined several times in my 40’s due to injuries. Along the way, in an effort to try something new and to fit some time in and workout with my husband, we started Shaun T’s Insanity program in 2012. We committed to the two-month routine and rocked it. Well, completed it. I still remember the final minutes of our final workout in that program. I had tears in my eyes and the overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I literally felt like I did in the last tenth of a mile of a marathon – proud, exhausted, overwhelmed, and inspired to push my body even further. I loved Insanity. I even have the shirt to show “I earned it.” After two cycles of Insanity that year we took on the Tough Mudder, a running/obstacle/ endurance event. What a crazy but thrilling accomplishment. Over the next few years we also took on many Spartan Races, completing our Spartan trifecta on the World Championship course at Lake Tahoe in 2016. 

In 2015 I was sidelined again with plantar faciitis and some other minor medical challenges and I knew it was time to find more options than pure running for my mental and physical fitness. Again I turned to Beachbody and the 21 Day Fix program. I thrive on a schedule – tapping into discipline learned as a young athlete that propelled me to marathon running. I loved being back in the game and seeing how much more I could accomplish each day. After 21 Day Fix I turned to my next Beachbody program and got myself in the best shape of my life – at 45 years old. I’ve gone on over the subsequent 5 years to complete most of the programs in the Beachbody library and continued to challenge myself with each new program. Yes, I’m hooked.

Because I believed strongly in Beachbody’s fitness and nutrition products, when a dear friend asked me to consider joining forces with her in coaching others and teaching them about healthy living, I jumped at the opportunity. I thought initially I would dabble in coaching as a hobby but it turns out a spark was ignited in me as I began to work with others to get healthy. The idea of being able to help someone establish healthier nutrition habits and gain a love (or at least a tolerance) for exercise was intoxicating. Seeing their results encouraged me to consider coaching full time. Then God opened up a giant opportunity for me when I left my part-time job and returned home full time. I’ve been coaching through Beachbody for more than five years now and I’m still totally inspired every day as I watch my clients have “a-ha” moments on their health journey and see the results they are getting – both on and off the scale. I am 100% not about helping people “diet.” My passion is to help others discover ways to become and continue to be healthy for a lifetime.

To be completely whole we must be healthy in our mind, body and spirit. For me, being a Beachbody Coach gives me the greatest tools and the best total health solution available in the area of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. 

I believe all of my life experiences have brought me to this point and have given me the discipline, skills and dedication that it takes to be successful on a path of physical health, for myself and for my challengers. I’m thrilled to be able to make a living using the gifts and talents God has given me, all rolled up with my passion for fitness and for helping others.