35 years, and 3 miles later…

Y’all know I love a good story. Well this one’s a doozy!

In the fall I served on a committee with a mom at our school who I’d never met before. We “happened” to sit next to each other one day and “somehow” our conversation came around to the fact that we both figure skated as little girls. Although we lived on opposite sides of the country, we are the same age so we recalled the lingo, fashion, professional skaters and we even knew some of the same people. Such a fun connection!

Fast forward to 10 days ago when this mom texted me a picture of me and a group of young girls in costumes and skates. It was a show number I did with all the girls my age who essentially defined my childhood. We spent hours and days and weeks and years together. I spent more time with them than my school friends or neighbors.

Her text to me said “I’m sitting here with someone who knows and loves you.” Somehow the two of them also discovered they had skating in common and “somehow” connected that she and I knew each other.

I could not imagine which of these girls was nearby…

She texted me back to say “it’s Denise.” Denise was one of the girls I was closest to in that whole group. And here she was, nearby.

Get this… Denise lives in Argyle! About 3 miles away from me. She’s been here for over 10 years – we’ve lived 3 miles apart for almost 3 years!

For the last 10 days we’ve texted almost daily, sending pictures and memories. Sports and sickness kept us apart… until today! We texted back and forth last night and I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Hugs and tears were exchanged and we began to catch up on our lives – not having seen each other in over 35 years. It was an unbelievable thing to be sitting across the table from this adult woman who I shared such a big part of my childhood with. And we were right back to those days. She brought a bag full of old pictures and we laughed at all the memories, trying to remember all the names.

Today I found a very dear friend. It took us 35 years, but I just have a sense we were meant to reconnect in this season and to share our lives. I cannot wait to begin…