T-20 1/2 weeks. Y’all might regret that I signed up for a marathon. Tendonitis in my elbow led me back out on the road to exercise and God met me there. I’m realizing He wants this time with me because every single day I run, I listen to a sermon, a podcast, or worship music and God downloads impressions to my heart. He gives me ideas for the day, He reminds me of people I need to reach out to and He encourages and motivates me to do the right thing, to speak life into others and to be the light in the darkness so that others may find their way.

Last week as I ran I was thinking of the idea of Transformation Tuesday. Sometimes I’ll share pictures and a story about a health and fitness client. But lately I’ve been far more focused on the transformations occurring beneath the surface. Everyone has a story. A history, a past, things that they have had to overcome. I know so many amazing people that have triumphed in tragedy. They’ve grown through their grief. They’ve mourned in the evening but raised their hands in joy in the morning. They are every day super heroes. And I want to share their stories with you to inspire you.

Over the next 20 weeks as I head into my marathon, push through the training, cry over hard days, celebrate each milestone, I want to share with you the stories of 20 awesome women who have had amazing transformations and overcome obstacles and although they may never toot their own horn, I want to shout their stories from the rooftop.

Superwoman Wednesday. To celebrate the real life superheroes among us. I hope you’ll come along and be inspired and lift up these women and learn how you too can move your mountains and push past your obstacles. I hope you’ll celebrate these women with me and then take a moment to reflect on your own super story. The world needs to hear it. After all, only you can accomplish what God put you on the earth to do.